About us



To be established as an internationally acclaimed aviation school, renown for superior teaching and training; impart highest quality practical knowledge and embracing students’ talents, thereby promoting all-round growth, career-wise and personal development, yield dedicated and well-educated individuals to be placed in various departments in aviation.


To employ from the latest teaching technologies to impart superior and updated aviation training for enhancing aviation proficiency, enhancing the opportunities for trained individuals and improving their chances of placement while nurturing their interests

Solaaris was established with the aim of providing superior quality education in aviation, on par with worldwide standards. From learning to fly to mastering every nuance of aviation, Solaaris aims to create professionals of substance and talent. It constantly adopts innovative methods in order to upgrade the quality of knowledge imparted to the students. Experienced and learned faculty, trainers, teaching staff and recruitment professionals are employed to facilitate the best education and career in aviation. Bright, young minds, enthusiastic to learn and spread their wings are welcomed with open arms and nurtured into superior professionals for the ever-growing aviation industry. Solaaris aims at hundred percent placement in an attempt to provide the best staff for the various avenues in the aviation industry around the world.